How does addictions affect the body

Should drugs be decriminalized?

With the renewal of the debate on the payday loan with child support merits of a possible decriminalization of drug addiction problem and their sometimes dire consequences back on the front of the stage.
New addictive behaviors in addition to behavior unfortunately already listed of dependence on tobacco, alcohol, drugs or gambling Indeed dependence on drugs is increasing, it is not the physical dependence caused by prolonged use of painkillers taken based opium for example in cases of serious illness, but repeated and abusive decision without any intention of therapeutic prescription products that teenagers are sometimes in the closet of their parents and which develops a psychological and behavioral dependence. These drugs are also some payday loan in waipahu times considered a “gateway drug.” On the other hand, the known for the game, whose ravages have long identified addictions, now add forms of dependency games videos that start to worry more because video games have this specific they immerse you in a virtual reality and thus can completely disconnect from real life.

How does addictions affect the body

Addictions recognize the need for more and more uncontrollable and obsessive to get the product in question or to devote themselves to become indispensable activity. Time spent on his research increases excluding any centre of interest; tension increasingly high above the addictive Action and ATL Georgia cash advance relief accompanying its implementation with a rapid increase in tolerance, increasing periods of tension and decreasing the time of relief, obliged to constantly reinforce the addictive behavior to achieve the same result and the individual is then taken into the gear.
All physical damage, psychological, social, and financial and other addictions that cause both in the individual as in the socio-familial environment is not taken into account. Drugs usually provide a certain pleasure in acting on dopamine, releasing endorphins, so American scientists are currently trying to develop vaccine that would eliminate the pleasure seeing a miracle to stop addictive behavior remedy (the vaccine now exists for nicotine). But beware, this is not just to have fun someone takes a product-producing addiction: it is in most cases to reduce intense pain inside it is of the order of stress, fear, guilt, or it grows too large a gap between the reality of the inner self and the mask imposed by life in society; remove the sensation of pleasure will not remove the pain that is causing the need for pleasure! Not in 90% of situations in fact the person does a search pleasure for himself but the temporary removal of a sense of deep distress massachusetts small loan rate order momentary pleasure.

Behavior of an addict

A person prisoner of addiction generally suffers many problems it thinks that the object of addiction is the only possible solution, which is why in most cases the withdrawal does not prevent relapses, and a vaccine will not have more success! The essential problem in addiction is not so much the addiction itself or the problems that led to addiction. Withdrawal or vaccine therefore remain inoperative until the problems or will not be identified and treated and as they are often many is often long and difficult.

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